Skills & Services

Here is a sampling of skills and services April brings to her consulting work. For enquiries on these or other services, please click here.



Cocktail Recipe Development

Cocktail Menu Creation/Curation

Cocktail Styling

Cocktail Photography

Spirits/Cocktail Writing & Blogging

Tasting Note Writing



Curriculum Development for Trade or Consumers

Educational Program Development [Concept - Content Creation - Execution]

Expert Instruction [Cocktails - Spirits - Homemade Ingredients - Flavor Development] 

Development of internal training materials for Spirits Brands, Distributors, Bar & Restaurants



Spokesperson/Brand Ambassadorship

Objective/Media trained Cocktail and Sprits Expert for TV, Radio, Video

Versatile between live and edited segments (TV/Radio), Public Speaking to  large crowds or intimate settings

 Equally comfortable with Lectures, Demonstrations, Interactive Segments, and Interviews



Design & Development of Trade Advocacy Programs

Personnel Identification & Recruitment

Trend Reporting

Brand & Campaign Strategy Consultation