Skills & Services

Here is a sampling of skills and services April brings to her consulting work. For enquiries on these or other services, please click here.


Works with individuals and small businesses to

develop strategic and tactical plans to bring their businesses to the next level


Cocktail Recipe Development

Cocktail Menu Creation/Curation

Cocktail Styling

Cocktail Photography



Curriculum Development for Trade or Consumers

Educational Program Development [Concept - Content Creation - Execution]

Expert Instruction [Cocktails - Spirits - Homemade Ingredients - Flavor Development] 

Development of internal training materials for Spirits Brands & Distributors



Media Training for Spokesperson/Brand Ambassadorship

Objective/Media trained Cocktail and Sprits Expert for TV, Radio, Video

Versatile between live and edited segments (TV/Radio), Public Speaking to  large crowds or intimate settings

 Equally comfortable with Lectures, Demonstrations, Interactive Segments, and Interviews



Design & Development of Trade Advocacy Programs

Personnel Identification & Recruitment

Trend Reporting

Brand & Campaign Strategy Consultation